About Ben Opsahl

Hi! I'm a human being from Portland, Oregon. I love SEO and things. I live in Amsterdam.
I work at Spotzer. My bike is locked to a rack there. The key broke inside. It wasn't my fault. More of a last-ditch effort sort of deal. I'll set it free soon.
My favorite things include creative writing, online marketing strategy, copywriting, beaches, snowboarding, music, football/soccer (both sports, whichever names you prefer) and, most importantly, whichever girlfriend I currently have. Hi honey!
I'm on a journey to learn more about writing, content strategy, SEO, advertising, digital marketing and, eventually, myself. I'll share as much of it as I think you'll care about. 
Today's thing changes daily. Or it changes weekly. It changes when it needs to change. "Today's thing" is just catchy. 
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